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Jheferson Saldaña Valera

Shamanism Visionary Artist

Jheferson Saldaña Valera known as JheffAu is an artist and medine man born on November 1st, 1983, in the city of Pucallpa, Peru. At the age of twelve he began his interest in art, and, as the grandson of a traditional healer, he naturally felt the call of sacred plants and his ancestors' medicine. At the age of fourteen, he decided to follow the long initiation and training path required to attain mastery of shamanic practices. As a self-taught artist, his neo-Amazonian style visionary painting was a result of the visions induced by master plants. On his canvases, he paints the spiritual and invisible worlds that he perceives.. His works transcend the veil that separates us from the spiritual realm and invites us to explore this other world of shamanic visions.



He feels that these experiences reconnected him to his ancestors' shamanic culture and their traditional use of sacred plants. Through his art, he feels that the ancient tradition of the native Amazon people lives on. In addition, Jheferson later studied communications and worked as a journalist, which lead him in 2007 to a unique project called, "Amazonian Visions: Living myths and legends of Amazon rainforest." This inspired him to found an association called "ONANYATI",  meaning wisdom of the ancients in Shipibo Indian dialect, of which he is currently president.













Jheferson was invited at Sedan's international of Visionary art, France,  in October 2007, in March of 2009 and Octuber 2014, as one of the leaders of Amazons' artistic renewal, where he was featured as an artist and speaker. 
Jheferson currently lives between Peru and Switzerland, invited to international art exhibitions and shamanic workshops, in various countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

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